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Event | Februrary 2022

Article | January 2022

Article | January 2022

Art Initiatives | December 2021
Open Call for Artists: Announcing the Frankenthaler Climate Art Awards

Responding to the urgency of accelerating climate change, Asia Society and the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation are launching the Frankenthaler Climate Art Awards, organized in collaboration with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, National Gallery of Art, and The Phillips Collection and with support from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Environmental Defense Fund. Selected via an online open call launching on January 10, 2022, three winning artists will each receive $15,000 and be honored at an event in Washington, D.C. in April 2022. Read the full press release here.
Event | December 2021
Art Basel Conversation: Re-inventing the Institution? New Museum Leaders

On December 1, András Szántó moderated a talk on the future of art museums with new leaders in the field as part of Art Basel in Miami Beach’s annual Conversations series. Speakers included Johanna Burton, Director of The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles; Isolde Brielmaier, Deputy Director, New Museum, New York; and Alison Gass, Director of The Institute of Contemporary Art San Francisco (ICA SF). Watch the recording online or read an excerpt of the conversation.
Event | December 2021
PHI Sessions 2021

PHI Sessions 2021 will be a two-day gathering of a range of voices concerned with the arts and culture milieu. The intent is to launch and foster a collective project to explore—through open conversation and speculative interrogations—the role and potential of the cultural institution writ large within our rapidly evolving contemporary moment. András Szántó will participate in the first of two Grounding Sessions, titled “Where are we now?,” hosted by Ken Lum with Rebecca Belmore and Yesomi Umolu. Register for this virtual program here or watch the recording here.
Article | September 2021
Interview: “In the 21st century universities and museums are facing the same challenge”

In a recent interview with Ákos Schneider for designisso, András Szántó discusses the intersection of ideas in his recent book, The Future of the Museum, and current projects with universities such as Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. “On the one hand, there is no doubt that science cannot develop without specialization, and there is also no doubt that an institution must have a well-defined profile that it can communicate to the world. However, this does not mean that a certain fluidity cannot be guaranteed within its walls for those who study and work there.” Read the full interview here.
Article | 2021
Two ASLLC Projects Featured in “Future: (Is) Now What? A Citywide Roundup of Art Basel 2021”

In her roundup of exhibitions and events that took place during Art Basel 2021, Eleonora Milani touches upon the work and themes behind two ASLLC projects, Unfinished Camp and Sondra Perry‘s new work created as part of the Muse Dream Commission, an initiative of the Rolls-Royce Art Program. Read the full article here.

Strategy | September 2021
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Over the course of Summer 2021, András Szántó LLC conducted extensive research, including a series of workshops held in Budapest, to support a reimagining of the mission, vision, and values of MOME. Learn more about the results of this research and how it will be applied to the University’s mission and branding by watching this Facebook Live, featuring András in conversation with Albert-László Barabási and Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, moderated by Nóra Winkler.
Art Initiatives | September 2021
Unfinished Camp Launches in New York and Basel

Unfinished Camp, the inaugural art initiative from Unfinished, convenes influential arts institutions and emerging contemporary artists from the across the globe to create original works that respond to the question, What is the future of art in a decentralized world? These original works will debut to the public simultaneously at The Shed in New York at Unfinished Live and at Art Basel in Switzerland in September 2021. Unfinished Camp has brought together a global network of nine founding partner institutions, marking a groundbreaking collaboration between leading arts organizations and the emerging tech-focused artists they support. Click here to see the full list of partners and artists.
Art Initiatives | August 2021
Julien Creuzet in Conversation with András Szántó

On the eve of his BMW Art Journey, artist Julien Creuzet spoke with András Szántó about his goals for his trip and what motivates his socially engaged practice. “Now is the moment, with the help of BMW, for me go to Martinique and reconnect with this island and these communities, to create an experimental station; a space of freedom and safety, with generosity. It’s an important possibility for me to share my energy, too—what I have learned during the last fifteen years in a different part of the world—and to share my vision.” Read the full interview here.
Exhibition | August 2021
Leather Throwers at Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art Extended through October 2021

Boxing and Las Vegas are indelibly fused in the public imagination. A perfect fit for the culture of entertainment, the sport traces its history in Las Vegas back to the 1950s. Leather Throwers surveys ways in which visual artists have represented boxing motifs and the history and major figures of the sport through sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs. The exhibition features work by artists ranging from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Jeffrey Gibson. Learn more about the exhibition here.
Art Initiatives | June 2021
2021 BMW Art Journey Winner Announced

Artist Julien Creuzet is the winner of the tenth BMW Art Journey. In a poetic journey that intertwines personal discovery with profound concern for the environment and a generous spirit of sharing, he will center his travels around a geographically and culturally distinct region and his ancestral homeland: the Caribbean. “Creuzet’s journey does not take him to a distant, unknown destination, but rather allows him to return to a familiar place–a place that for him stands for family, youth and education,” said the jury.
Article | June 2021
Excerpt from The Future of the Museum on Lit Hub

Literary Hub has published “A Moment of Reckoning: Thomas P. Campbell and András Szántó on Museums and Public Trust,” an article featuring András Szántó’s interview with Thomas Campbell from The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues, published this past winter. In it, Campbell, who works as Director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, considers cow institutions can be more inclusive. Read the full conversation here.
Art Initiatives | June 2021
Moholy-Nagy Foundation wins D&AD Award

The annual D&AD Awards are the most prestigious benchmark for creative excellence in design and advertising. In 2020, the Moholy-Nagy Foundation asked Marina Willer to create a new identity and website to promote the artist’s work and his legacy. The mindset and methods used by Moholy-Nagy directly informed the craft-based approach. Using techniques inspired by the artist’s experimental approach, Marina and her team created a striking and sympathetic identity which perfectly honours Moholy-Nagy’s amazing legacy. Explore the award-winning design here.
Art Initiatives | June 2021
Dates for Unfinished Live Announced

Unfinished has announced the dates for Unfinished Live, an in-person and virtual event set to take place at The Shed in New York City from September 23–25, 2021. Exploring the 2021 theme, The Future Is Decentralized, influential leaders will foster conversation and deepen our understanding of a new digital era that prioritizes people over platforms. During the conference, Unfinished will launch Unfinished Camp, a project conceived by Hans Ulrich Obrist and András Szántó. This initiative, which includes numerous partner arts institutions, will manifest at the Shed through a series of newly commissioned videos created by an exciting roster of young artists.
Art Initiatives | May 2021
2021 BMW Art Journey Shortlist Announced

During this year’s Art Basel in Hong Kong, Art Basel and BMW announced the 2021 shortlist for the BMW Art Journey. The artists include French-Caribbean artist Julien Creuzet, Korean cinematographer Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, and Chinese artist Alice Wang. Launched in 2015, this is the 10th edition of the BMW Art Journey, which sends artists on journeys of creative discovery all over the world. Like a mobile studio, the BMW Art Journey can take artists almost anywhere in the world to develop new ideas and envision new creative projects.
Article | May 2021
Barabási Creates First Network Visualization of NFT Market

In a guest essay for The New York Times (May 7, 2021), Albert Lászlo Barabási published a series of network visualizations based on the Super Rare NFT platform. The images reveal the extreme concentration of the NFT market at this early stage of its development, and they offer an opportunity for reflection on the evolving systems of art. This is a perfect moment for a network scientist who cares about art. The data on the blockchain is there for all to see and analyze. The results are not only stunning, but they offer a window into sociological, commercial, and ultimately aesthetic processes that we have never before attempted to grasp with data-driven empiricism.
Art Initiative | April 2021
Fifth Audemars Piguet Art Commission, by Phoebe Hui

The fifth Audemars Piguet Art Commission, by Hong Kong artist Phoebe Hui, has been unveiled at the Tai Kwun Center in Hong Kong, ahead of Art Basel, with Ying Kwok serving as guest curator. Responding to the commission’s theme of complexity and precision, the installation is titled The Moon is Leaving Us, because the Moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth. Its main part is an assembly of 48 screens which move in unison. Moving in front of each screen is a fragmentary image of the moon. Elsewhere in the space, a drawing robot, Selena, reconstructs the side of the moon we cannot see. Following the previous four commissions, Hui’s work demonstrates how art can help us negotiate the mysteries of the universe.
Art Initiative | February 2021
Rolls-Royce Dream Commission Short-form Works Announced

On February 26, 2021, Muse, the Rolls-Royce art programme, in partnership with Serpentine Galleries and Fondation Beyeler, announced the four new moving image works created by the nominees for the Rolls Royce Muse Dream Commission: Sondra Perry, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Martine Syms, and Zhou Tao. A single artist will be announced as the winner of the Dream Commission next month and invited to develop their concept. The long-form commission will debut later this year.

Article | February 2021
Feature: András Szántó on the Future of Museums

András Szántó spoke with Karen Rosenberg of apropos of his new book, The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues, for Artful. Read the conversation here.

Article | February 2021
The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues review by Stefan Kobel in Handelsblatt

Stefan Kobel from Handelsblatt published a review of the András Szántó’s new book, The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues. In it, Kobel writes, “The volume is a treasure trove of analyses, food for thought and models for the future. In addition, the respective introductions of the interviewees and their narratives from their own world of experience and biography make for exciting reading.” Read the full review here.
Article | December 2020
“How Should a Museum Reopen in a Post-COVID World?” Included in Artnet News list of 22 favorite articles of 2020

Artnet News has rounded up their 22 favorite articles of 2020. Out of nearly 2,800 articles published, among them was, “How Should a Museum Reopen in a Post-COVID World?” by András Szántó and Adrian Ellis. The article, published in May 2020, contains a detailed guide on reopening museums safely. “Each museum has to find its own tailored solution within common frameworks, and in its own time. What all of them share is the need to work through a bewilderingly complex array of operational and policy considerations.” Interviews with museum directors Mary Ceruti, Adam Levine, and Franklin Sirmans accompany the article. Read the original article and download the planning tool here.
Publication | November 2020
The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues by András Szántó Released

The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues has just been released in Europe, and will arrive in the US and worldwide in January 2021. A product of the pandemic lockdown, the book contains interviews with museum directors conducted from late May through mid-August, 2020. Taken together, the interviews offer a generational portrait of institutional leadership with a global range. “As one reads though the dialogues, a distinctive and more or less unifying philosophy emerges about what an art museum is and what it should aspire to be,” writes András Szántó writes in the introductory essay. “If the late twentieth century ushered in a liberating pluralism in art and cultural expression, it can only be hoped that the twenty-first century will do the same for the institutions of art. This sense of open possibility would be the ultimate guarantor of the enduring strength and relevance of the museum form.” Buy a copy here.
Publication | Autumn 2020
Caribbean Art Today: New Catalogue

The catalogue for the exhibition One month after being known in that island, on view from August 27 to November 15, 2020 at Kulturstiftung Basel H Geiger, is now available. Published by Hatje Cantz and edited by Alanna Stang, the publication serves as an enduring companion to this first major exhibition organized by the Caribbean Art Initiative and the first major group show for Caribbean artists in Switzerland.
Exhibition | August 2020
Caribbean Art Initiative exhibition at Kulturstiftung Basel H Geiger in Basel

One month after being known in that island is on view at the Kulturstiftung Basel H Geiger in central Basel from August 27 through November 15, 2020. The exhibition serves as the culmination of an intense year-long group effort, and is the product of work conducted over the previous six years to build the organization now known as the Caribbean Art Initiative. Low visibility for Caribbean artists is not due to a lack of artistic talent, but to a dearth of opportunities for international exposure. This first group show of its kind in Switzerland, curated by Yina Jiménez Suriel and Pablo Guardiola, is a step towards filling that void.
Art Initiative | Summer 2020
Leelee Chan announced as the ninth BMW Art Journey winner

Leelee Chan has been awarded this year’s BMW Art Journey. In partnership with Art Basel, Chan was selected from a shortlist of three proposals from artists represented by galleries in Hong Kong that had intended to exhibit at Art Basel Hong Kong this year, prior to the fair’s shift online. Chan’s project, Tokens From Time, will to trace material culture from the past, present and future. Through her research, she will explore the possibilities of ancient and future materials and engage in dialogues with craftspeople, innovators, and scientists. An international jury conducted its selection process unanimously online.
Article | May 2020
“How Should a Museum Reopen in a Post-COVID World? Here Is Everything You Need to Know to Do It Safely.”

András Szántó and Adrian Ellis have published a detailed guide on reopening museums in Artnet News. “Each museum has to find its own tailored solution within common frameworks, and in its own time. What all of them share is the need to work through a bewilderingly complex array of operational and policy considerations.” Interviews with museum directors Mary Ceruti, Adam Levine, and Franklin Sirmans accompany the article. Read the article and download the planning tool here.
Art Initiative | Spring 2020
2020 BMW Art Journey Shortlist Announced

The BMW Art Journey jury met via Zoom to select the shortlist for the 2020 BMW Art Journey, choosing from a pool of emerging to mid-career artists invited to participate in Art Basel Hong Kong 2020, which was canceled due to the COVID-19. The artists include the Hong-Kong-based Leelee Chan, the Canadian-born and Brooklyn-based Jes Fan, and the Manila-New-York-based artists duo of Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho. Launched in 2015, this is the 9th edition of the BMW Art Journey, a collaboration with Art Basel, which sends artists on journeys of creative discovery all over the world.
Article | April 2020
“People Need Art in Times of Crisis”

A recent editorial by András Szántó on reopening museums, published on artnet.com, has prompted numerous responses around the world. Although focused primarily on US museums, the article has been widely read, and is now available in Spanish thanks to Nexos Magazine, and on seLecT Magazine in Portuguese. Read the article in English here.
Article | February 2020
“As Digital Discourse Turns to a Din, Art Critics’ Clarity Will Be More Essential”

Few professions have been as deeply disrupted by modern technology as journalism. Yet, as Mary Louise Schumacher writes in ArtNews, more people are writing on more platforms and from more points of view than ever. A “generational shift” has left the field of art criticism with “more women, more critics of color, and writers from a wider range of purviews.” And, “despite all the downward pressure on the media industry, our digital era has inspired an artistry in criticism itself.” Schumacher’s findings are based on a survey of 300 writers which replicated a groundbreaking 2002 study overseen by András Szántó while he was at the helm of the National Arts Journalism Program, at Columbia University.
Strategy | Winter 2020
Completion of PUAM Strategy

Over the course of 2019, András Szántó LLC, in collaboration with The Art of Change, undertook a comprehensive visioning and strategic planning process to define the evolution of the Punto Urban Art Museum (PUAM). PUAM has been working to break down invisible but undeniable socio-economic barriers around the low-income Point Neighborhood in Salem, MA through a range of cultural activities and programs. The planning process mapped the universe of like-minded initiatives, undertook extensive research and local community engagement, and mapped out an ambitious strategy to help ensure to sustainability of the cultural initiative and embed it into its parent organization’s long-range plans.
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