Future Museum Series

Two recent books by András Szántó — both involving dialogues with noted experts around the world — describe what lies ahead for art museums. When museums shuttered during the 2020 pandemic, Szántó conducted a series of virtual conversations with international museum leaders. The directors spoke candidly about the challenges and untapped potential of art museums, giving voice to the aspirations of a new museology. In a follow-up series of dialogues, in 2022, Szántó conversed with pioneering architects worldwide about what kind of museum “hardware” can complement the future museum. 

Imagining the Future Museum: 21 Dialogues with Architects

21 dialogues with 25 architects who have designed museums all over the world. In this follow-up volume to The Future of the Museum (2020), Szántó engages in conversations with visionary architects worldwide about what sort of “hardware” will be required for the more flexible, porous, human-centered, culturally responsive, digitally amplified, and environmentally responsible institutions of tomorrow.

The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues

The Future of the Museum: 28 Dialogues reflects a rapidly growing, changing, and varied museum landscape in which dynamic experimentation is happening worldwide, with institutions in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Australia often leading the way in developing new models. It is a sector experiencing a moment of reckoning about inequality and social justice, pressed to achieve more diversity in staffing, governance, programming, interpretation, and collections.