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Art Basel Conversation: The Architecture of the Future Museum
June 2023

As museums seek to become more open, community-centered, experiential, digital, and connected to nature, architects can help realize their ambitions. Moderated by András Szánto, this conversation explores how architecture can lead the way in advancing and enhancing the museum. With Lina Ghotmeh(Founder, Lina Ghotmeh Architecture, Paris), Klaus Biesenbach (Director, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin), Kulapat Yantrasast (Founder and Creative Director of WHY, Los Angeles) and Jacques Herzog (co-Founder, Herzog & de Meuron, Basel). Read More call_made

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Museums of Tomorrow Stanford Symposium
April 2023

At the Museums of Tomorrow Roundtable, museum directors from multiple continents, leading artists, and experts participated in a Stanford symposium to discuss the role of technology in shaping power structures that define art and culture. The symposium was held on April 21 and focused on a crucial question: Can technology transform power systems within cultural institutions? The program was organized by the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University in conjunction with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and András Szántó LLC. Read More call_made

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Podcast Reading the Art World
April 2023

Listen to Megan Fox Kelly’s captivating podcast episode featuring András Szántó, author of “Imagining the Future Museum: 21 Dialogues with Architects.” Published by Hatje Cantz in January, the book provides a rare glimpse into the minds of 21 of the world’s most renowned architects as they share their thoughts on the future of museum design: “Across the board, whether you talk to a Chinese architect, or a Latin American architect, or a European architect, is this idea of opening up… Really turning the museum from this citadel or this temple on the hill, into something that is woven into the city and which embraces all of the community and all of the civic complexity that is at its front door.” Read More call_made

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Elizabeth Roberts Architects: Brooklyn Museum Sculpture Garden
December 2022

Designed by architecture and design studio Elizabeth Roberts Architects, and conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic, and under the guidance of ASLLC, the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden is the latest addition to the Brooklyn Museum. Read More call_made

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How Does Art Get Funded? New Forms of Philanthropy
November 2022

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, how can philanthropy find new ways to support creatives effectively and address the urgency of climate change? What new funding mechanisms need to be put into place? What opportunities does technology offer to distribute funding transparently and collaboratively?Andras Szanto moderates an Art Basel Conversation on the future priorities and forms of philanthropy with three philanthropic leaders. Alberto Ibargüen, President, Knight Foundation, Miami, Larissa Harris, Executive Director, Teiger Foundation, New York, and Scott Moore, Co-Founder, Gitcoin, Toronto. Read More call_made

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Shifting Vision Panel on web3 Technology, art making and the art market
September 2022

András Szánto was part of the Shifting Vision panel at the Italian Institute of Culture in New York alongside artist Albert-László Barabási, entrepreneur Elliot Safra, CINELLO CEO Franco Losi, among others.

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Art Basel Conversation: Going Neutral? Institutions and Climate Change
June 2022

What choices are available to museums wishing to address the urgency of climate change while also needing to consider their financial resilience in 2022 and beyond? On June 16, in a conversation moderated by András Szántó, the directors of the Mori Art Museum, the Climate Museum, and M+ will reflect on current and planned actions in the museum sector that involve investing in a greener and fairer future. Read More call_made

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The Business of Art: New Architecture for the Museum of the Future
May 2022

András Szántó spoke to Circles and Corporate Council members of the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, about how architecture and design has and will continue to impact and define the museum experience for visitors across the globe.

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András Szántó on Reading the Art World Podcast
April 2022

Reading the Art World is a live interview and podcast series with leading art world authors hosted by art advisor Megan Fox Kelly. The conversations explore timely subjects in the world of art, design, architecture, artists and the art market, and are an opportunity to engage further with the minds behind these insightful new publications. In this episode, András Szanto speaks with Megan about how museum leaders today are changing the museums of the future.

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Fostering Trust: Innovative ways for Cultural Institutions and Artists
April 2022

Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles hosted a four-day, multi-platform program with innovators from academia, artistic fields and politics to discuss concrete steps for restoring public trust in Germany and the U.S. Through virtual discussions, video statements, podcasts, articles and streamed conversations from the Thomas Mann House, experts addressed how we can strengthen public trust in the areas of international relations, security, elections, diversity, local communities and the broader media landscape. András Szántó participated in an online conversation on cultural exchange-based diplomacy. Read More call_made

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Art Basel Conversation: Re-inventing the Institution? New Museum Leaders
December 2021

On December 1, András Szántó moderated a talk on the future of art museums with new leaders in the field as part of Art Basel in Miami Beach’s annual Conversations series. Speakers included Johanna Burton, Director of The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Los Angeles; Isolde Brielmaier, Deputy Director, New Museum, New York; and Alison Gass, Director of The Institute of Contemporary Art San Francisco (ICA SF). Watch the recording or click here to read an excerpt of the conversation. Read More call_made

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Panel “The Future of the Museum:28 Dialogues” organized by ICOM Israel
April 2021

Listen to a talk on the future of museums in honor of the launch of András Szántó’s book. Read More call_made